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Renewing? Getting married? Have events?

You have come to the right place, ITZUVIT

Latest products in Itzuvit exciting that you can't miss

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In our shop, Itzuvit exciting

A place that is a gift, Itzuvit Exciting

Itzuvit  Exciting  – not another gift shop…
Over 15 years Itzuvit  Exciting  is here for you.
Produces and imports design, decoration and atmosphere products for you at a high and meticulous level.
In addition, at 'Itzuvit  Exciting' you will find amazing designs for every purpose:
Weddings, engagements and any event combined with amazing artificial flowers in personal production.
Our home designers are here for you, to make your dream tangible, luxurious, and surprising.

Itzuvit  Exciting is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field and markets to individuals and wholesalers.

Our website represents very little of the great abundance available in the store. You are invited to enter the atmosphere.

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Itzuvit for wholesalers

In personal and special imports we are happy to offer you a large selection of products at a special price for wholesalers and designers. Through careful selection, we at Itzuvit Exciting bring beautiful and useful products, in current designs. From tablecloths and bottles, vases and candelabra to clocks and ornaments.
waiting for you!

Plenty of benefits

  1. Saving time – ordering the design
  2. Delivery by phone by catalog number / purchase through the website saves you a lot of running around looking for a gift / design.
  3. Saving mental energy – when you want to give "to those who deserve a little more… it's hard to imagine… choosing according to a catalog gives you a variety of ideas which are of course a small part of the large selection…
  4. A perfect surprise. The delivery service will bring the gift/design to the recipient's home, "because those who deserve a little more" deserve a perfect treat.

Itzuvit Exciting - for those who deserve a little more

Our website represents very little of the great abundance available in the store.

The purpose of the site is to put you in the "atmosphere" of a designer after the initial impression.
"Basmamarit" will design the gift, the design, flower arrangements for you. Bars, and events, according to your request with lots of touch and love.
Yours wholeheartedly, Itzuvit.

Itzuvit – the leading store in the field of gifts and designs designed by the hand of an artisan with a unique touch. In every design and weaving, the best resources are invested until the perfect result.

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